An Open Letter to My Parents About Cosmetology School

Dear parents,

I think it’s time to talk about what I want to do for my future education. You wanted me to go to a traditional four-year college and get a degree in something that involves business or technology. For a while I tried doing that. I forced myself out of bed to go to that lecture on financing at 7 in the morning, only to fall asleep halfway through the class. There were many late nights spent when I would try desperately to understand equations and formulas.

You told me to ask my professors for help. But how could I when they didn’t even know my name? With so many other students in the room, I felt like just a number. Math was never my forte. I worried that if I asked the professor for help he would first ask my name and then become frustrated when he realized that the subject matter didn’t come natural to me.

woman with brunette hair

Some parts of college were enjoyable. I looked forward to working on group projects and getting together with other students to study for upcoming tests. I loved feeling like I was a part of something and I always felt so grateful to have a connection with other people. The only problem was I didn’t feel like I could contribute because the topics didn’t require my best self: my creative self.

As I struggled through my classes, it was always a relief when I could come home and see my roommates. They would always ask me to do their hair and makeup. I would feel so proud when they smiled at themselves in the mirror after I was done. More proud than anything I had done in college so far. Doing their hair and makeup reminded me of when I was little and people would always tell me I had an eye for beauty. Whether it was barbie dolls or younger siblings, I was always practicing my beauty skills on something.

“Do something that allows you to show off your creativity.”

That’s what people always told me. After giving college a shot, I knew what I had to do.

woman smiling with a hat

I didn’t want you both to be disappointed, so I withdrew from college without telling anyone. For a while it was scary because for the first time I felt like there wasn’t a plan laid out for me. Then I saw an ad for cosmetology school. It seemed like the thing that I’d been wanting all along: A chance to do something that would combine my passions of connecting with people, putting a smile on others, and showing off my creativity in the beauty industry.

For days I went back and forth. I wondered if this was something I could do or if this was something you could be proud of me for doing. Finally I decided that after going the college route, it was time to try something that I actually wanted. That night I scheduled a tour.

Now I wish I told you about my decision and invited you on the tour with me. You could have seen how happy everyone was there. Instructors would stop what they were doing to talk with students and address them by name! They took the time to help correct students’ mistakes with a smile and an explanation on how they could improve. Everyone wanted to be there! After the admissions director made sure to answer all my questions, I couldn’t believe that this is what I’d been missing out on all these years.

When they asked me what I thought, I didn’t hesitate to say that this is what I’d been looking for.

I know that you wanted me to get a degree in a traditional college, but I was never going to thrive in that setting. Unlike college, beauty school is something I can’t wait to start. Not only that, but I can’t wait to see what’s in store for me after I graduate with all the career options available in cosmetology. I know you just want what’s best for me, which is why I know that you’ll be supporting me every step of the way through my journey in beauty!

Thanks for always believing in me.

Love, your child

This open letter was compiled based on the experiences of real beauty school students and cosmetologists.

At The Salon Professional Academy (TSPA),Georgetown we know that every beauty student’s journey is unique. We hope that you were inspired by this example of a beauty school student and feel like you can go after your dreams as well!

If you identify with our open letter, or are passionate about making others feel good through beauty, then our cosmetology program could be a great option for you. Contact us to get more information or schedule a tour to get a first-hand look at our campus. We can’t wait to help you get started!

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