2018 Summer Beauty Trends

To say that we are excited for summer is an understatement. We can’t wait for the warm weather, the vacations, and don’t forget the trends! Each summer brings a handful of new trends from hair to skin and makeup to nails. Here at The Salon Professional Academy (TSPA), Georgetown, we are getting a head start and putting together some upcoming trends that we can’t wait to rock this summer. We hope you’ll rock them with us!

Summer Hair

Jennifer Lawrence on red carpet
Let’s start from the top. Hair! This summer is all about bringing those waves in. Embrace your natural curl or invest in a small curling iron and curl away from your face from the top and then switch directions once you reach the ends of your hair. This hairstyle is great because it can last multiple days with minimal maintenance. Spray some texturizing dry shampoo to bring some life back in those curls after day two!

Summer Skin Care

skincare infographic
This summer we are all about giving your skin some tender love and care. That means always putting on sunscreen before your makeup. Don’t worry, you’ll still get that summer glow but reduce the damage from the sun. Don’t forget to switch your heavy winter moisturizer for a lightweight one. This will minimize your pores from clogging and looking too shiny. Eye and lip masks will be a huge hit this summer. Keep you eyes bright and less puffy and your lips healthy and hydrated!

Summer Makeup

model with rosy cheeks
We are loving this coming trend because it means minimal work and minimal makeup! This summer we will all be bearing our fresh face. Follow your skincare routine to keep your face healthy and clear. This way you can skip your foundation and let your skin breathe. Wear mascara and some blush to brighten your face. Don’t forget the lip balm! Now you’re ready for a hot summer day and still look fresh.

Summer Nails

model with painted nails on face looking away from camera
French manicures are back but with a twist! Instead of a white chunky nail, this summer we want to see a thin colored nail. File your nails short and oval. Coat your entire nail with a clear polish and finish it off by painting the tip of your nail your favorite color. This will add a pop of color while still being subtle. We absolutely love this look. Not to mention it’s so easy!


Summer is a time to feel free, adventurous, and alive! Spend this summer chasing your dreams, following your passion, creating, and doing it all in style! If a career in beauty is a dream of yours, then contact us to get started! Our cosmetology program could be exactly what you are looking for!