Trade Schools are on a Comeback!

I can remember the day when a man and a woman that worked with their hands were held in high regards.  What has happened in the last 15 to 20 years in society that has caused this image to be less than?  You may have your opinion just like I do, but I would like to reveal or unwrap this nonsense that has been injected into society.  College is Big Business and they are brilliant at marketing their agenda.  It is widely spread belief that if you do not go to college, you will not be successful.  That is the farthest thing from the truth.  I do agree that you do have to go to college to get into certain fields, but there are so many careers out there that you do not need a 4 year degree.  You absolutely need a skill or trade that you can use to be an asset to the market.  Trade schools do just that and people are now realizing that it is a viable option.  You can be a plumber, electrician or HVAC technician which require a license or certificate.  You can be a chef, mechanic, welder, cosmetologist, esthetician, barber, dental assistant, nurse and many more occupations that only take a short amount of time and money.   Yes, these jobs are plentiful and you can make good money doing them no matter what anyone tells you.  So many times parents want to brag about their kid going here or there while racking up tens of thousands of dollars.  Then when they graduate, they may or may not even have a job waiting for them or there are tons of applicants just like them applying for the same job.  What you need to decide before you start wasting time and money, is what is it that you really like to do and/or interested in doing.  Do your research and ask questions to the people who are doing it and are successful.  There are people in every field that do very well and that do very badly.  Do not get advice from someone who is not doing it right.  They can crush your dreams in less than a minute because they have not done what they need to do to be good at their trade.  Falling into the trap of thinking you have to go to college is a costly one.  The job market is screaming for individuals with a skill or trade.  Cosmetology can be your vehicle to take you to the next level.  You can become a cosmetologist in less than a year and then you take your state exams and you are issued a license.  That license is your golden ticket.  You will then be able to enter into another world that those without a license cannot enter.  You can work at a local salon or own your own salon.  Travel the world doing hair as an artist at hair shows.  Work on movie sets.  Work in resorts and spas and the he list goes on and on.   So, if someone asks you what you want to be, tell them you want to be a person that is needed and that is in the trades.