4 Ways a Cosmetology Education Can Help You

Unlike other fields, there are many things that you can do with your career as a cosmetologist. Cosmetology is a great field for people who are seeking freedom, personality, and creativity as part of their professional future. The obvious choice is to cut hair, but there are so many other options out there for you to choose from! Here are some of our favorite career opportunities that students can strive for after completing a program at The Salon Professional Academy(TSPA), Georgetown.

Work in a Salon

Woman working in a salon

This may be the most obvious answer, but styling hair is a great way to jump into your beauty career! You can style hair in a salon that suits you, and it can be an extremely satisfying career. Many stylists say they love their jobs because they enjoy boosting people’s confidence and helping them look their best. This job is also good because it can help you develop a personal brand, which can come in handy if you want to try other career options down the line!

Own a Business

Woman standing in front of a salon she owns

It’s not uncommon for people to come to beauty school because they are interested in running their own salon, barber shop, or spa. At TSPA Georgetown we include basic business training in guest relations, pricing, and marketing practices for this very reason! A cosmetology education can be a great foundation to starting the business of your dreams because you can learn how to build your personal brand and business. Even if you don’t end up starting a business of your own, you will likely work for a business and you can help that business succeed if you know some of the basics! Check out our blog post on “5 Business Skills Cosmetologists Should Know” to find out more!

Be a Brand Ambassador

The beauty industry continues to grow and evolve, and there is always a need for people to represent beauty brands in the classroom and on the runway! As a brand representative you may travel to fashion shows, salons, and schools across the nation to help present and train on the products you use. Beauty brand representation is a great way for cosmetology students to expand their professional skill set beyond cutting hair!

Work in Specialty Salons

Man getting his hair cut

If you graduate from a cosmetology program, you learn not only how to style hair, but also how to perform esthetics and nail services. This means you choose what you enjoy most and specialize in it at a specialty salon! Being able to specialize in your favorite services means you can provide the best quality to your guests. Specialization is a great way to make yourself stand out when looking for a place to work!

What Else Can You Do?

Take our quiz and find out what beauty career might be right for you! A cosmetology education could be all that stands between you and your future. At The Salon Professional Academy, Georgetown, we strive to enable our students to reach their dreams! Contact us to learn more about our cosmetology program and get started on your future today!